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  • $45 per class

  • $35 for children's classes

  • A $180 ($140 for Children's classes) deposit is required to hold a spot and will pay for your first four sessions.

  • Deposits are non-refundable

  • If necessary, a separate showcase fee may apply. 

At Texas Actors Workshop our actor-friendly
pricing policy includes: 

  • No contracts 

  • No automatic bank withdrawls 

  • We never ask for your credit card information 

  • After your initial non-refundable deposit, you will never be charged for classes you don't attend. 

  • For every paying student you refer, your class fee will be decreased by $5 per week that student attends a paid class. Other discounts are available.

We've received several inquiries about the legitimacy of heavily advertised programs promising to put San Antonio/ Austin actors on quick paths to success at major networks or in movies, after minimal training lasting just a few days or weeks.

Our standard response to programs that promise actors huge opportunities and results, with little or no serious training, is covered in our FAQs. In our opinion, it simply does not make sense for untrained, unknown actors to expect to be signed by established L.A. agents and then cast in major speaking roles on TV shows/ movies. When it does happen, it's a very rare exception.

These types of promises can be just bait, to charge huge sums of money. Please
be cautious. Anyone interested in your long-term growth should probably not be asking for more than $250 up front from you. We hope this helps and we look forward to training seriously-minded actors who realize there are rarely shortcuts to success.

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